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    Who We Are

    is. advertising is a creative design agency focused on both brand and product communications.

    Our strength lies in our ability to project your message across a wide variety of applications – advertising, promotional material, web and electronic media, environmental design, corporate communications and literature.

    With our in-house photographer/videographer and dedicated digital studio we can be both reactive and proactive to our clients’ demands.

    This holistic and strategic approach ensures your company receives consistent creative input and management – a key factor in the development of a truly unique and memorable brand and realistic consumer experience promise.



    2018: Finalist – Mitre10 / Home ‘Outdoor Living’ Furniture Catalogue

    2017: Winner – Clark Rubber ‘Everything’ Campaign Series

    2017: Finalist – Home Hardware ‘Live Outdoors’ Furniture Catalogue

    2016: Winner – Home Hardware ‘Outdoor’ (Home Improvement Category)

    2016: Finalist – St. Michael’s Grammar ‘Mnews’ – Excellence in Craft / Creative Design & Execution

    2016: Finalist – St. Michael’s Grammar ‘Mnews’ – Excellence in Craft / Creative Design & Execution

    2015: Finalist – Australian Industrial Supplies ‘Back to Work’ (Home Repairs and Hardware Category)

    2014: Winner – Plants Plus ‘We Know Spring Gardens’ (Home Improvement Category)


    2016: Finalist – St. Michael’s Grammar: Alumni & Community Relations Publication

    2014: Winner – St. Michael’s Grammar School: Admission Events – Excellence in Targeting Enrolments

    2014: Finalist – St. Michael’s Grammar School: Innovation in Online Communications


    2010: Australasian Winner – Ivanhoe Grammar School: Brand Extension